Become Aware About A Pregnancy Complication- An Ectopic Pregnancy

Thinking about being a mother itself gives a sensation and a strand of energy runs throughout the body. The pregnant ones feel something different but the feeling of happiness remains constant in both the phases of life. Sometimes, the would be mothers face certain kind of complications and delivering a baby then becomes a biggest challenge for them. The type of complication which is discussed below is observed in very few cases but somehow can be a risk to anyone who has conceived a baby.

Implantation of an embryo outside the uterine cavity forms one of the complication in the phase of pregnancy and is termed as an ectopic pregnancy in medical terminology. It has been proved that this form of pregnancy is dangerous for the mothers and is life threatening too. As it is known that most of the ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube which is then called as tubal pregnancy. But implantation can also occur in cervix, ovaries and abdomen. This complication can be fatal for mothers if not treated well and on time. In earlier times it was not possible to detect such complications but due to medical advancements it is easy to detect in the early stages of pregnancy whether the pregnancy is normal or ectopic. One major reason which may lead to this kind of snag is a poor prenatal care.

In a typical case of ectopic pregnancy, the embryo touches the outer lining of the Fallopian tube and enters the tubal lining. The entering of embryo in the tubal lining causes danger and attack to the vessels which in turn causes bleeding. Bleeding at this stage is known as intratubal bleeding which results in the ejection from the tubal ends. When an embryo is ejected it is termed as a tubal abortion. This is the only form of abortion which is commonly known as miscarriage. The pain which occurs during this phase is caused by the release of prostaglandins where the implantation takes place. It is not a labor pain and neither there is any swelling of the tube in ectopic pregnancy. Bleeding which occurs due to the devastation of the vessels may be so high that it can lead to the woman’s death. For having a healthy phase of pregnancy and away for concerns such as blood pressure and breathing problems, one must indulge in proper exercises. The exercises during pregnancy can lead you to deliver  a healthy baby without compromising on your own health.


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